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LuxType: A Myers Briggs Project

A spiritual successor to the Lux ARCHana project I made back in school. (see it in "Architecture Projects") Inspired by my fascination with Myers Briggs and Jungian cognitive processes. I integrated the titles of each type as illuminated signage with photography.


The titles are rather stereotyped, so careful thought was placed into every image to create levels of depth that give light to the truths of each type: Visually, experientally, a moment, a memory, kinesthetically, metaphorically.




Not Vanilla: From Design to Code

A work-in-progress of a site for unconventionally flavored syrups. Everything was done from scratch: Creating a logo, cooking + bottling syrups, designing bottle labels, photographing the syrups, a website mockup, and coding the website.

At its core, it is art with design+coding as the medium. A seemingly retail-oriented site, but truthfully an ambiguous narrative with a melancholic feel.

Tools: sketching, Photoshop, Illustrator, photography, cooking skills, HTML/CSS, jQuery

Github repo + link:




Earth Day 2015

Earth Day poster for the Department of Defense Education Activity, commemorating the day's 45th anniversary. Since Earth Day was founded in the 70's, I wanted to create something that incorporated design elements from that time period. This was first drawn and inked by hand, then brought into Illustrator to color.


Branding: Gen Y Disability Social Media Icon

A friend of mine is in the process of starting an online social resource for millenials

with disabilities. She had a logo done by

another designer, found that it didn't quite

fit as a social media icon, and turned to me

to see if I could come up with something quickly.

My goal was to create an icon that graphically remained true to the original logo, maintained its clarity at any size, and that one could visually recognize the icon as "Gen Y Disability". At the end I also submitted the icon in varioius sizes, specific to the current 2016 standards for social media icons, and kept the original file on hand in the case that changes occur.

See the official site and check out the social media links to see the icon in place.




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